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Cocobutter Dermal Aesthetics specializes in advanced skin treatments. Our clinicians are trained to perform advanced facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, skin needling, and various laser treatments such as laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, minor vascular treatments; as well as cosmetic injectables such as Botox or dermal fillers. 


Botox & Dermal fillers are performed by Tanya C at Jeune Cosmetic Medicine Specialists | 120 Maribyrnong Road, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039. Please call/txt M: 0402 205 947 or 9370 1997 to arrange an appt Wed/Fri 10 - 6 and Sat 9:30 - 2.




Anti-wrinkle treatments have been used in Cosmetic Medicine for over 20 years. Anti Wrinkle Injections are injected into the facial muscles to help relax muscle movement and soften lines and wrinkles. These injections are used to address three main conditions, (but are not limited to): Frown lines or worry lines; Crow's feet or laugh lines; and Forehead or surprise lines. There are many other uses for anti wrinkle injections such as; addressing the "Bunnie" lines when you scrunch your nose; the dimpling of the chin; relaxing the muscles that pull your smile into a frown; addressing the platysma banding around the neck; treating excessive sweating; and minimising the massetter muscles to give you a slimming jawline.


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What does the treatment involve?

Botulinum Toxin A is injected by a fine needle into the offending muscles that are contracting and causing dynamic lines. It is usually a very quick procedure. Most people feel a slight sting and feel that some ice on the face is enough to numb the area. A numbing cream may be applied if you wish but needs to be applied 30 minutes prior to your treatment.


What will I look like?

Directly after the treatment you may have some red marks on the face at the injecion site. This should subside within 30 mins. You may apply makeup (preferably mineral makeup) straight after your treatment. This is most commonly considered a "lunch time appointment" as you may return to normal activities immediately after treatment; however you are advised not to exercise for a few hours after treatment. Facials , microdermabrasion and massage are not recommended for 1 week (7 days) after treatment. It takes up to ten (10) days to have full effect and can last up to four (4) months. After approximately ten days your face will appear smoother, and the wrinkles softer; if the wrinkle is very deep it may take more than one treatment to notice a significant reduction. With this treatment of Botulinum toxin A, your face appear more youthful and rejuvenated.


What are its other uses?

This treatment has been around for many years and is used for many other conditions other than, and in addition to wrinkle treatments. In this time there have been no long or short term safety concerns found. Botulinum Toxin A can be used to treat migraines, excessive sweating, eye twitch and many other conditions which involve muscle spasm such as cerebal palsy and muscular dystrophy.


How much does it cost?

There are two leading brands used in Australia; Botox and Dysport.  We charge on a sliding scale, measuring in units. Please see the following average examples, however we recommend booking a FREE consultation for a more accurate quotation.

Frown lines: Botox 20Us / Dysport 50Us

Crows Feet: Botox 20Us / Dysport 50Us





  • 1 to 19us – $15 per unit

  • 20 to 39us – $14 per unit

  • 40 to 60us – $13 per unit

  • 60 plus – $12 per unit



  • 2.5 to 47.5 units – $5 per unit

  • 50 to 97.5 units – $4.50 per unit

  • 100 to 147.5 units – $4 per unit

  • 150 units plus – $3.75 per unit

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